Staff Notes - Peace of Mind

Why should I pay for an attorney? Can't I just buy a legal form from Staples or Office Depot, fill in the blanks, and save money instead of hiring an attorney to do it? I have friends and neighbors who say this to me often. I'm like you, a non-attorney, and I understand saving money like you do, so it's a good question. But here is my non-attorney take on the situation. Let's take the hypothetical need for a power of attorney, or POA, form. You could take the seemingly easy route, buy a DIY form from Staples or Office Depot, and fill in the blanks. Viola! You've spent $10-$20 and have what you need. Or do you? A POA gives someone else the power to do things like withdraw funds from your bank accounts and even sell real estate on your behalf. Is this the kind of power you want to depend on a generic DIY form to grant? To me, there truly is no substitute for paying for legal advice, knowing exactly what you are getting and what it is going to do for you. You are paying for a little peace of mind in addition to a piece of paper. AND, you won't have to call us AFTER you've created some unintended problem and need to pay for an attorney to fix it......

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