Staff Notes - Keep It Local!

Keep it local! I firmly believe we need to support each other as local business persons and residents. Saying this evokes images of the local farmers' markets held in most towns across our area during the warmer months. When I go to one I feel like I need to try and spread my purchases across all the booths, if possible. Maybe this sounds a little crazy, but each booth represents someone I can tangibly see as a person and someone I know is living in this area and trying to make a living, just like I am. The same is true for the business services you need. Time and again I see firms from outside of Windham County involved in various transactions, like real estate transactions. It sometimes makes for a more difficult process. Sometimes these firms don't know the Windham County practices for real estate closings; they may not know what's required in CT or not required; the distance to their offices means there is travel or mailing costs involved. And they probably aren't your neighbor so they don't have an interest in the economy of this area. We are your neighbors. You can see us. We represent folks you can interact with regularly, and know that we're here trying to raise our families, too. I hope you consider this when you retain any law firm to do work for you. Know that we'll appreciate it when you do.

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