Staff Notes - Grownup Stuff

It happened when you weren't looking. You married your sweetheart. You had a couple of kids. You landed your dream job. You started a 401K. And you purchased a new home during the recent ramped up low-interest market. In short: you grew up.

Might I suggest you begin thinking about the future that will continue to hurtle towards you, and start making estate plans?

I know, it's summertime and you'd rather be doing what the folks to the right are doing. But hey, I'm only looking out for your best interests. Experience has shown that oftentimes our clients find themselves in positions they didn't imagine they'd be in: for example, their spouse has passed unexpectedly, the house isn't in the their name, and the bank accounts are all owned by the deceased spouse. With some simple planning you can make it a little easier for your spouse, your family, and your children if the unexpected happens.

It starts with a conversation. Atty. Kelley will be able to offer you sound legal advice based on your unique situation as to what type(s) of documents you could have prepared to make sure the important things get taken care of if the unexpected happens. And we take it from there to get things done.

It's that simple. I promise you'll still have plenty of time to enjoy yourself this summer, perhaps even doing some less grown-up stuff.

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